Together we form a church as the Master desires...

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Seat reservation can be done two days before the Holy Mass to which you intend to participate in. We encourage our parishioners and guests to reserve a seat online as this will help our parish team know how many people we are expecting. We can only accommodate so many based on Covid19 Guidelines (30% and 6 feet social distance),

We prefer that you please use the online reservation as much as possible. Our parish team is unable to cope with all the demands that are imposed on us during this pandemic and unfortunately, we do not also have enough volunteers to help. We are doing our best to serve you, but we need your help too. As much as is possible, we do not want to turn down any person at the door.

We also ask that those who are unable to come after making the reservation to please cancel by sending a quick email to CLIFFORD or BEN so we can accommodate those who wish to attend, but do not have a reservation or are on our waiting list. Thank you for your cooperation.
Starting on Monday, November 23, 2020, All Masses in our Church will not be opened to the general public. We are only permitted ten (10) people in the entire building. If you want to attend Mass, please do not hesitate to email Fr. Mark indicating which Mass you wish to participate in. There is no guarantee that He will be able to grant your request, but if you give him enough notice he might just be able to schedule you in. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we deal with the pandemic.